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In 2009, the Group Training Association of Victoria (GTAV) was funded by Skills Victoria to undertake an Out-of-Trade program.  The purpose of this program was to help Out-of-Trade apprentices who completed, or almost completed their training finish their apprenticeship by assisting them in finding an employer to complete the practical component of their apprenticeship and become qualified.  The program was administered by a GTAV Out-of-Trade Consultant who actively assisted in arranging short term placements or recommencements under a training contract.  This project saw over 520 apprentices be re-employed over the two years.

Following the success of the Out-of-Trade program this website was created by the GTAV to continue to assist out-of-trade apprentices to be abe to reconnect with potential new employers.

This website allows apprentices and potential employers and group training organisations to register their details, and will match listings by trade, year level and location. Registration is free, and listings are valid for 60 days.  All information listed is confidential and you control how much information you want others to see and how you want to be contacted be it email, website or telephone.

In 2012, with the support of the Group Training Association of NSW, the reach of this website has now expanded to cover both Victoria and New South Wales.

Any queries, feedback or suggestions to improvements to this service can be directed to