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Vantage Automotive Centre of Excellence



Location: Camberwell, Victoria
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Job ID: 52632
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Posted: 06/02/2018


Automotive and Boating - Service and Repair : Automotive - Electrical/Electronic, General Service & Repair Occupations, Trade - General Mechanical/Technical

Job Description:

Right now we are looking for a talented person with a passion for the Automotive Industry to take up a new Automotive Apprenticeship in Port Camberwell, VIC. The successful candidate will complete their Cert III in Light Vehicle Automotive & Cert II in Automotive Air Conditioning. The successful candidate will obtain full time employment in a state of the art dealership and complete their qualification at Vantage Automotive Centre of Excellence.


Key duties include:

- Apply safe working practices in an automotive workplace

- Apply environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace

- Develop product knowledge

- Inspect technical quality of work

- Vehicle Servicing

- Diagnose & Repair Cooling and Lubrication Systems

- Diagnose & Repair Induction & Exhaust Systems

- Diagnose & Repair Basic Braking Systems

- Diagnose & Repair Basic Suspension

- Diagnose & Repair Basic Steering Systems

- Diagnose & Repair Basic Automotive Electrical Systems

- Diagnose & Repair Automotive Fuel Systems

- Diagnose & Repair Engine Management Systems

- Diagnose & Repair Emission Control Systems

- Diagnose & Repair Automotive Final Drive & Drivelines

- Diagnose & Repair Automotive Transmissions

- Diagnose & Repair Advanced Braking, Suspension & Steering Systems

- Diagnose & Repair Advanced Automotive Engines

- Diagnose & Repair Air Conditioning Systems & HVAC Systems

- Maintain Business image


To apply for an Apprenticeship please go to the Vantage Automotive website and select the "Apprenticeship Application" tab.

Job Requirements: