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The Apprenticeship Factory
44 Wyndham Street
Phone:03 5822 4555

Engineering (Mechanical) Apprentice - 3rd or 4th Year

Location: Shepparton, Victoria
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Job ID: 52634
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Posted: 13/02/2018


Metal and Engineering : Aircraft Maintenance, Boat Building and Maintenance, Boilermaking & Welding, Electrical/Electronic, Fabrication, Finishing and Sheetmetal, Jewellery, Locksmithing, Instrument Making and Repair, Mechanical Trades, Metal Fabrication and Finishing Trades, Metal Fitting & Machining, Production Systems Work, Technicians

Job Description:

 The Apprenticeship Factory is looking for a 3rd or 4th year Engineering (Mechanical) apprentice for a local business.

  The successful candidate will need a current driver's licence as well as be up to date with their schooling.


For more information on this position, please contact Natalie Simpson on 0417 359 004.

Job Requirements: